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Your Network Is Worth More Than Your
Net Worth: Welcome to social commerce.

Everyone relies on their network, most of us more than we know. We use it to get our jobs, make friends, find a mate, and, increasingly, to trade or obtain goods and services. Reputation Economics charts how we've moved from finance to reputation through the rise of social software and emerging technologies, and what it means for the 99% whose network may be worth quite a bit more than their bank accounts.

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What People Are Saying About Reputation Economics

Matt Stinchcomb, VP, Values & Impact at

"Reputation Economics peels back the onion to reveal the dystopia of modern commerce, and the trends, tools, and technologies that allow individuals to take more control of their futures and render business as usual obsolete. I recommend this fascinating and instructive book to both the captains of industry and the folks who'd like to see them sink."

Don Tapscott, best selling author of 14 books, most recently Radical Openness.

"The global economy is in upheaval, and Klein details the technologies behind much of this change and the growing emphasis on relationships. He does all this with fresh and cogent insight."

Douglas Rushkoff, author, Life Inc and Present Shock.

"Josh Klein understands what is about to replace money. The extent to which you understand it, too, will likely determine whether you thrive in the landscape before us."

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The Author

The hacker you know...

For the past two decades Josh has been cracking systems for clients from AT&T to the CIA to the startup down the street. He's spoken at TED and Davos, hosted a TV series for National Geographic, written articles for publications from Make to The Guardian to Fast Company, and worked on startups and projects from heart-disease detection systems to vending machines for crows.

The information you need...

Reputation Economics unifies Josh's 20+ years of experience in predicting and analyzing emerging technologies and systems into actionable strategy. Gathered from sources in the intelligence community, from Fortune 500 tech teams, and from the brightest minds from law enforcement, R&D, and the darkest reaches of the black market, this is information you cannot get anywhere else.

When and how you need it.

Josh has spent the last decade perfecting the translation of high technology into useful insight. Read the book, and then have him come and talk to you directly. Josh will pull you through the looking glass to show you the innovative technologies, methods, and practicable strategies that you can use to create more value with your network, today.

The App

Of course there's an app for that.

To date most people think of their network in terms of "social capital." But that's a fallacy; if you do me a favor our relationship has more value, not less. That's a gift economy, a network bound by increasing abundance for each party, and it's the future of commerce in an increasingly virtual world. lets you build on this network, cueing you to reconnect with lost contacts exactly when your mutual interests have the most potential. Keep your network vital, collaborate more effectively, and tap the hidden value of your entire address book, not just the fraction most recently top of mind.

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